Microsoftsoftwareswap Refund policy

Refund is not applicable to any purchase at  it doesn’t matter what is the reason. It’s possible that you made the purchase by mistake; you wanted to have a one-time experience on and now want to refund your purchase; you may haven’t read the product description correctly.
Issue a refund for any reason, if the request is made within twenty-four hours of purchase, and the title(s) on  is still unused and not redeemed.  then we can refund it to your microsoftsoftwareswap wallet.
There are more details below:
*The time of your request for refund/credit is no more than 24 Hours from time of purchase
*The game or license keys  has not been activated or downloaded
*The game activation key (including any bonus or beta keys) have not been disclosed to you by email or webpage
*We are unable to process refunds 48 hours before a game is due to be released or preload begins
*We find your request reasonable due to special circumstances
*Bitcoin transactions cannot be refunded or reversed. These transactions are final.
Please note: This means that NO refunds will be offered for MMO titles, Steam, UPlay, Origin and all microsoftsoftware for Live (GFWL) titles where the key has been disclosed to you or sent by e-mail. All such sales are final.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within twenty-four hours after you receive your order, you can return the product and get a full refund at your microsoftsoftwareswap wallet you can. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. Never Used. Please keep the receipt.
Where Refunds Apply?
The refund offer, within twenty-four hours of purchase, applies to products that are purchased on  Here is an overview of how refunds work with other types of purchases. Refunds on microsoftsoftwareswap Hot Deals
Any Hot Deal product purchased on microsoftsoftwareswap.COM is refundable within twenty-four hours of purchase if they are unused in microsoftsoftwareswap.COM inventory.
Refund on Bundles
You can receive a full refund for any bundle purchased on microsoftsoftwareswap.COM, so long as none of the items in the bundle are used.  Purchases Made Outside of microsoftsoftwareswap.COM microsoftsoftwareswap.COM cannot provide refunds for purchases made outside of microsoftsoftwareswap.COM. (for example, Redeem codes purchased from third parties).
Refunds on Gifts
We are unable to offer refunds for gifts after they have been redeemed by the recipient.
About Replacement
microsoftsoftwareswap offers replacement If you bought a wrong product, you can request a refund or replacment  instead and make another purchase.
Shipping Fees:
All of our products are delivered digitally through E-mail, No shipping fees, so there is no shipping fees involved when we make a refund.
Refunds are designed to remove the risk from purchasing titles on microsoftsoftwareswap—not as a way to get free games. If it appears to us that you are abusing refunds, we may stop offering them to you. We do not consider it abuse to request a refund on a title that was purchased just before a sale and then immediately rebuying that title for the sale price.